Dawn To Dusk

This was a portion of a letter written to one of my oldest and dearest friends at a time when he was experiencing heartache. A heartache greater than he has ever known…and I wasn’t quite sure how to help him. All I could do was share the thoughts that were floating in and out of my little mind.

When I went out for my little “jog” last night and you came with me. Your troubles kept time with my feet as I tried to pace myself. As it was growing duskier (is that a word?) and I decided to head home, I turned the corner for the final stretch and there before me was one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen. Pinks and peaches touched with blue and grey–the texture of the clouds reminded me of watching the tide roll in. It was gorgeous. I had the very specific thought come to my mind that we are all in different phases of our “day”. Some of us are in the dawn of experience; just emerging from the darkness and dampness of night, when the only light is the kind that doesn’t warm or uplift or edify. Some are in midday. They enjoy a time of warmth and security and light. They can see where they are headed and seem to know how to get there. Some are headed into the darkness of turmoil and turbulence from dusk. Some are stuck in what seems a never ending night. They wonder how they got there and when it will end. It is cold and unnerving and lonely.

The truth of the matter is, we all have our dawns and dusks. We move–sometimes unnoticeable and effortlessly–from one time frame to another, often times at the will and whim of others in our lives. Sometimes it is at our own doing. Whoever the fault lies with, we travel independently, yet together, in this never ending cycle of life, over and over and over. But, beauty follows, no matter where we are. The dawn and it’s saving light are the most beautiful to those who have fought with the blackness of night. The sunset and it’s glory are pure inspiration and promise to those who are leaving the day and heading into darker territory.

Right now, you are in the darkness and you know it. But dawn is coming. It will come.

I have come to recognize that often times the things I am trying to share with others through words are the things that I need. They are what I need to hear…and what I need to hear very often comes through me. Myself. It’s a lovely thought that what I need is something that I already have.


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