Pardon My Dust

Okay.  So.  Here’s the dealio.

I am not perfect.  Whoa.  I know!  Big surprise there.

Not only am I not perfect, but I am also very rough around the edges…I almost cry out for a good sanding.  Almost, that is.  Somehow, I feel that being rough around the edges is what makes us human and attractive and individual.

But, my point is….I make huge grammatical errors, I spell words wrong, I have run on sentences and incomplete sentences GALORE and I love to use these little dots….all of the time…  There is more, so much more, that goes wrong with my writing.  I hope that the good redeems the lousy.

What this entire little post is meant to say is: I am a work in progress.  This blog is a work in progress.  Please pardon my dust.


2 thoughts on “Pardon My Dust

  1. I love ellipses too …. I use them too much, but I don’t care. Fun to find your blog. I’ve just started blogging this year. Hope you keep it up 🙂

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