On Drowing @ 37….and making strides at 39.

On Drowning @ 37

Today I drown
In sorrow ebbing and flowing
over the whole of me
Drenching hair and skin
dripping from tired eyes and lashes
running as tepid blood through a weary heart
Smothering and saturating and choking me
Today I drown
In my own tears–salty as brine
wetting my ruddy cheeks
Rinsing tender wounds and trickling
into that secret, hidden place that embraced you
changing the current of who I was into what I will become
Steeping and soaking and overcoming me
Today I drown
In a baptism of what was almost relinquished
seeking to wash every trace of you away
Still, a watermark remains, abandoned as evidence
on a sodden, soggy plot of soul overflowing
with pools of wasted emotion
Springing and splashing and cleansing me
Today I drown

Tomorrow I might just try treading water

Pleased to say that I am done treading water and have moved onward and upward to land walking.    Wouldn’t change that experience for the world…I’m liking who it is helping me become.

It’s a good day when you can be thankful for your heartbreaks.


1.  Sleepy kids lounging around in their pajamas.  Love the rooster-tail hairdo’s.

2.  My recent trip to the land I love.  It was pure joy.

3.  The veggies in our garden….actually growing!

4.  The smell of clean laundry.

5.  Waking up in the morning and having the luxury of laying in bed for a while as I try to wake up.  I might mention that everyone who has to associate with me in the morning is thankful I can do that, too.


5 thoughts on “On Drowing @ 37….and making strides at 39.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I should have put a side note in that says “It’s not every day I’m thankful for my heartbreaks. Just the good ones.” Hang in there!

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