Ode To Sunglasses {A Writing Retreat Assignment}

O, sunglasses, where art thou?

Why can’t I keep my dirty little hands on you for more than one trip to the grocery store?

Sunglasses, where art thou?

I refuse to spend more than 10 bucks on a pair of sunglasses because of the “Kid Factor.”  {Kid Factor = fingerprints, smudges, breakage and losses.}  I can’t justify spending oodles of dollars on a pair of sunglasses that will end up at the bottom of the junk drawer or in bed with whoever happened to have them in their possession at bedtime.

O, sunglasses, where art thou?

Usually it’s about the time that I have a cracking noggin ache that I realize they are nowhere to be found in my car my bag or anywhere on my person.  Oh well.  At least I’ve got Excederin.

Sunglasses!  Where art thou?

It would be easier for me to believe that they grew legs and left at their own accord because they were unhappy with the current working conditions, than to actually have to spend the precious energy to try to find them.

*Sigh*.  I’ve got such a headache.


1. Garden work. Gimme a few minutes out there and every problem dissolves.
2. Water. I’ve cut carbonation a few days ago and had forgotten how much I love H2O.
3. Possibilities.
4. Air conditioning. Especially after gratitude #1
5. My new computer. On it’s way. Thanks, dear! (It’s a given that he bought me my own laptop because he want’s me off of his.)


3 thoughts on “Ode To Sunglasses {A Writing Retreat Assignment}

  1. Johnna says:


    and me too. I bought more expensive sunglasses once, figuring they’d intimidate me enough to keep track of them, and I would save money in the long run rather than replacing the $10 ones so often. But I lost them too.

    Must have been the working conditions.

  2. growfamily says:

    I lose my sunglasses all the time. And umbrellas. Go figure. It amazes me and my husband just laughs.

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