Gifts From The Practical

Measuring cups

Oh–the romantic fool that is my husband…here are a list of gifts he has given me over the years.

1. Scissors. Good ones, but still–scissors.

2. Those grabby thingys that you can use to pick things up off of the ground or from a high shelf. Or whatever is out of reach. You know. A pole with a squeeze handle with pincers on the end. You know….

3. Measuring cups. Wait–it gets better. Glass AND plastic! Woot!

4. A shovel. For digging. In our backyard. But, to be fair, it WAS galvanized.

5. A frying pan. Twice.

6. A set of knives.

….and many other useful type things.

*I have to add a footnote here. He has also given me many AWESOME things. ipods, trips, sparkly jewelry. Lots of good stuff. Love him.


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