Now How Much Do I Hate That, Again?

I seem to have this little ‘hate-forget-hate’ relationship with camping.  I know there are some of you out there that can side with me on this one.  

I am a girl who was born to sleep in a bed, shower every day (well, mostly every day) and not have a ring of dirt around my mouth.  I love *not* smelling like campfire. Call me spoiled.  Call me a sissy.  Call me the Holiday Inn and make me a reservation.   I don’t deny it, I am not the camping type girl.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love the great outdoors and all of its beauty.  I love the sights the sounds and the smells.  You know what?  Even the FOOD tastes better when it is cooked and eaten outside.  Despite my love for all of these things, I love the comforts of home WAY more.  Hell.  It doesn’t even have to be HOME.  It could be a cabin or a trailer or something.  Just let me sleep off of the ground and have plenty of running water and I won’t become…shall we say…a bee-yatch.   Or maybe, bee-yatch-ish is more like it.  It’s a fine line, you know.

The family and I are going camping this weekend.  Every so often I get this hair-brained idea that I LOVE camping and that it is so worth it.  I know I’m lying to myself, but I can’t help it.  There must be some truth behind this little episode of delirium that keeps on rearing it’s ugly head.  Go figure.  I don’t know what it is.   I’m all excited to go and then BAM!! Middle of the night the first night when I can’t sleep?  I realize ‘Oh yeah.  Now I remember!’ *facepalm* From there its a quick trip down Surly Street right on through to the town of Get-me-home-NOW.  

My children love it.  My husband loves it.  I’m sure the dog loves it, too.  Whatever. But why is it I feel like a villain when I don’t love it?   Is there something wrong with me?  Is the camping button in my blackened, thorny heart broken?  

Whatever the reasoning is, we’re going this weekend.  All of us.  The dog too.  And we’re sleeping in tents and roasting weenies over the campfire (yes, I said “weenies”) and all of that good outdoorsy-type junk.  Maybe this time I’ll be surprised and like it more. Maybe I won’t.  In any case, watching the ones I love have the time of their lives will more than make up for me not having the time of mine.  

Anyone have some Valium they’d like to share? Let’s put this bee-yatch to bed.


1. Welcoming a new nephew to the family!  Welcome, Emmet!

2. Looking forward to a new niece in the family!  Ooh! Can’t wait to love on you!

3. Hearing the garage door open, which means Jase is home.

4. My bed. Uh, OUR bed.

5. The ceiling fan in my bedroom.


3 thoughts on “Now How Much Do I Hate That, Again?

  1. I’m with you … just got home from a biking, “camping” trip that we were able to find motel rooms in the little towns to still enjoy the experience without the camping. Love reading your daily appreciations, too! Such great reminders.

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