The Beginning of My Memoir

Which memoir?

There's one that starts: "It seems that as I get older I become farther from who I thought I was…"

And then there's this one: "I want to share a brilliant experience I had yesterday afternoon."

This: "Her procedure was minimally invasive, so they didn't actually crack her chest open, they sent a tiny catheter up through her torso to her heart and they used x-ray the entire time to see where they were going and what they were doing."

Then there is: "My life has been punctuated with various things I have said which I NEVER thought I would say."

And: "Dear Hope, I don't know your name or your face or the color of your hair…."

This one's good: "Today is October 17th."

What about: "I could see it in their eyes."

And then the old standby: "Had an "ah-hah!" moment last night."

You see, there's been quite a few of them, just short little memoirs. I love them and I love how I can use them each as building blocks to the next one and the next one and the next one.

I just wonder what the last memoir I write will begin with.

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