He Heals.

The first time I met him, I was fully prepared to only have one date with him. Maybe two.  Later, after returning home from our first date, my mother asked me what his last name was.

“Wunderlich,” I said.

“Hmmm.  Jennifer Wunderlich,” she purred thoughtfully.

“I’m not gonna marry the guy!”  Famous last words.  I’m still with the guy I wasn’t going to marry.

Jason was perhaps the biggest surprise of my life.  He was quite unlike anyone I had ever dated before and I was bewildered.  I wasn’t expecting his brand of Casanova to both charm and puzzle me.  Add to the mix that we were complete opposites in almost every way and you have the makings of US: oil and water, fire and ice, sweet and sour, husband and wife.  With the celebration of our anniversary I am again reminded that we have passed the last sixteen years in our cycle of yin yang, shuffling through this dance of life together.  Somehow, it works.  WE work.

Oh, yes.  There have been hard times and questioning times and times when we both could have easily walked away.  Our marriage is no different from any other.  I won’t pretend that I have adored him every living minute of our union, nor would I ask him to do likewise.  Life is hard and it comes at you with surprising agility and stealth.  It can be grueling to hang on to each other through it all and not lose yourself, let alone your spouse, along the way.  Luck? Maybe.  Work? Yes.  Worth it? Definitely.

I have found that life is riddled with morsels of irony that are mysterious and indescribable, yet beautiful none the less.  Yes, they can even change your life if you let them.  My good husband happens to fall into the category of  irony.  He is ironic….in more ways than one….yet in the most important of ways, he has inadvertently thrown his form of beauty into my life, even before I recognized that I needed it.

Derived originally from Greek, the name Jason means “to heal”.  A more fitting name for anyone I can’t imagine.  He does what his name implies. He heals.  He heals ME.  For sixteen blessed years he has healed me in even the smallest and almost unnoticeable manner.  With his goodness and kindness he smooths my rough parts.  His generosity and even temper have more than made up for me at the times I fall short.  His honesty and diligent patience are a soothing balm that make progress possible.  When I stumble, he is there to provide the healing and nurturing I need to get up and press forward again.  As I see life through his eyes I can also feel my aches and sorrows improve.  Though by trade he is no physician, I can’t deny that he is indeed a healer.  He has rescued me many, many times.

Oh, how I am grateful for him; this guy I wasn’t going to marry.


6 thoughts on “He Heals.

  1. Jill says:

    You were the biggest surprise of our lives! We are so blessed that you didn’t walk away–after that first time or the times after. We love you. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post about my healing brother. I’m so grateful you have each other.

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