Saving Pilly

Child #4 brought home a caterpillar the other day.  While walking home from school he spied it and took it for a ride home to show me.  It was a green, plump, wriggly-type insect.

What timing!  The next day, “Pilly” (as named by afore mentioned child) began his metamorphosis into a chrysalis.  Unfortunately, he didn’t attach himself to the stick that was put in his jar.  So, he was laying on the bottom of the jar evoking concern for his well being.

Upon returning home from work on Friday night, I found child #1 trying to glue him to the stick with Elmer’s Glue–which proved to be unsuccessful.  Next, I was talked into attempting to tie a string around the chrysalis and then suspending it from the twig.  No go.  Then, trying both.  Gluing the string to the bug and then tying it to the stick.  It worked briefly, but then Pilly ended up on the bottom of the jar where he began.

Saturday morning, the husband brought me some Super Glue.  Finally, success!  I am happy to report that Pilly is now stuck to his twig with a waterproof bond that could glue the wing of a commercial airline back on its body.  That bug isn’t going anywhere…well, until he breaks out of his little shell, anyway.

The whole concern with Pilly being on the floor of the jar was knowing when he emerged with his fresh and newly developed wings, they need to air dry without contacting any surface.  Otherwise, doom for Pilly.

While the Super Glue worked, I can’t help but wonder what kind of damage it may be doing to our little caterpillar.  Someone suggested that he might come out with three wings and one eye.  I have to admit that the thought had crossed my mind.  Maybe his wriggly butt will be glued permanently to the twig and he’ll have to attempt air maneuvers while dragging it around.  What if he comes out all mutated and carnivorous and comes after us?  It would be a blood bath, I tell you.

Really, no matter how much I want it to be successful,  I know that Pilly may not survive the Super Glue experiment.  And if he doesn’t?  At least he was loved.  Not many caterpillars can say that.  Especially since they can’t talk.

Keep your fingers crossed for flight…


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