Great little post about my favorite childhood story. Thank you Anya!!!

Anya's Observations

A relative, Jennifer,  recently posted on Facebook how much she was enjoying reading the book Charlotte’s Web to her children. “They are enchanted,” she said. “I love love love this book!”

You probably remember the story.  In order to save her best friend Wilbur from the chopping block, a lovable spider named Charlotte calls a special committee to come up with words that describe Wilbur. Then she weaves these adjectives and declarations such as “Some Pig!” and “Terrific!” and “Radiant” into her web to convince the farmer, a Mr. Zuckerman, that Wilbur is worth far more alive than in the form of bacon on the breakfast table.

Wilbur is uncomfortable at first, saying he’s more of just an average pig and that he’s not really terrific at all, but Charlotte assures him that he’s terrific to her. Soon Wilbur starts believing that maybe he is terrific and even begins to feel…

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