The Hit and Run That Was 2019

I’ve heard some lament about the arbitrary nature of the New Year when, really, nothing is different than it was before the clock struck midnight.  We wake up the first day of the new year the way we did the last day of the old year. We watch the ball drop in New York and bang our pots and pans and turn off the lights for the night, only to continue living the monotonous patterns of the lives we have established for ourselves after the sun rises the following morning. 

So, I’ve thought about this.  

I can’t reconcile my beliefs to align with any sort of bah humbug regarding the New Year.  I believe that our minds crave the feeling of a fresh start looming: the newness that we can feel in our bones as we anticipate another beginning.  It’s a feeling of hope that things can be better–that things can be different. The anticipation of another chapter in this crazy story being told and, sigh, that the best is yet to come.

Maybe it’s the feeling of leaving the old year behind that brings the tingle of a new year up my spine.  2019 won’t be winning any awards of merit. Frankly, 2019 was more like a hit and run than anything else.  It was like being mowed over by a semi-truck and holding on to the mud flap until the smoking brakes brought us to a halt, at last.  (Or was it more like having a semi-truck drive straight across my face? Have you SEEN these lines under my eyes? These suckers are deep!)

I don’t want to jinx the new year by saying all of the things that I anticipate happening, so I won’t.  I won’t mention that I want to be more intentional in my living and more gentle with others (and myself).  I won’t tell you that I hope for more normalcy in our day-to-day living. I’m sure not going to tell you that I want to more freely love every brother and sister and to become a better follower of Christ. Finally, I absolutely will not breathe a word about the little seed of hope that’s growing deep in my belly that needs so desperately for 2020 to be a year of positivity and progress.  I just won’t risk ruining the New Year by sharing any of that with you. But I will share this with you: I love you and am grateful for your influence in my life.  

A Happy New Year to us all.

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